Seed Holiday Gift Guide: Oranges

December 08, 2015

Do oranges remind you of the holidays? I remember making pomander balls (oranges studded with cloves) in the days before Christmas when I was a little girl.the spicy aroma of cloves and the sweetness of orange instantly made me get into the holiday spirit. It still does.


It's one of my favorite essential oils. In fact, it's a hit for many because of it's sweet aroma and familiarity. It's a favorite of all ages, too. What I love about orange is that it is so versatile -- sunny and welcoming in the summer, yet warm and inviting in the winter.

I have been searching all over the net for some really fabulous orange gifts for our gift guide today. If you have someone on your gift list this year who loves oranges, these gift ideas will comes in handy.

A selection of some orange favorites for the holidays

Photo Credit: Stonewall Kitchen

I love Orange Marmalade. One of my favorite breakfast spots makes an orange marmalade stuffed French toast (it also has cream cheese in the filling) -- and I like it on biscuits, toast, and English muffins as well. I also do thumbprint cookies this time of year using orange marmalade. The Blood Orange Marmalade from Stonewall Kitchen is a delicious choice and would be lovely in a gift basket for the foodie in your life.


Photo Credit: Avalon Glassworks

What a unique gift from Etsy's Avalon Glassworks! This blown glass artisan-made  ornament has an orange peel texture and stunning craftsmanship. Handmade in Seattle and truly a beautiful work of art.


Photo Credit: Harry David

How about the gift of oranges from Harry David? The Cushman's HoneyBell Heritage Box would be a really wonderful present for someone who really appreciates oranges -- plus it's not something the recipient is likely to get duplicates of. 


Photo Credit: Cabot's Candy

Do you know someone who is fond of saltwater taffy? May we suggest the orange saltwater taffy made with Cape Cod Sea Salt from Cabot's Candy in Provincetown?

Customize your orange gifts!

We have many gifts for the orange lover in your life here at (seed) Body Care!

  • Orange Dream Lip Oil is a great stocking stuffer for kids or the young at heart. It features orange essential oil and vanilla planifolia extract, so it is reminiscent of a creamsicle.
  • Select orange as one of the essential oils when ordering  (seed) Custom Blend. Some of our ideas using orange:


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