Seed Custom Blends Collection

Custom-blended Seed Body Care products, featuring your choice of essential oils. Make your selections, we'll take it from there~

Thank you for your interest~ we will resume offering our Custom Blends on September 3rd, 2019. Until then, enjoy our products in Fragrance Free, or one of our essential oil blends - Lavender or Lavender & Clary Sage, Citrus Fusion, and Lemongrass. 



Here's how:

1) Select one of Seed’s naturally plant-based, luxurious products (below)
2) Choose your favorite essential oils (up to three)
3) We custom blend each product to your specifications, and you enjoy fresh, indulgent body care in exactly the aromatherapeutic blend you desire.

***If you would like a little help in suggestions, our mixologist has created several unique blends, with mind and body benefits (besides their great aromas!). Check out our Beneficial Blends here!


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