Seed Custom Blends Collection

Seed Custom Blends and Beneficial Blends Body

Seed is now offering custom-made body care products, featuring a blend of 100% pure essential oil aromas chosen by you. Are you ready to mix it up?



 The Idea? Revolutionary!

 Here's how you become the mixologist of your unique line:

1) Start with Seed’s naturally plant-based, ultra-effective products (see below!)
2) Choose your favorite essential oils (up to three to blend per product)
3) Enjoy healthy, customized body care every day.

Have some fun!

Trying to decide on your unique scent combination is half the fun! Will it be a soothing mix of patchouli and lavender? How about a juicy fusion of orange and ginger? Or maybe you prefer something a bit spicier: maybe rosemary, and peppermint?  Here's a fun way to start - take our quiz! Or, Get inspired in 54 seconds with our Seed Custom Blends Introduction Video.  For helpful hints in blending, learn more here, or, if you would like personalized help, email us at

Make your body care truly yours. Make it Seed Custom Blends.

***If you would like a little help in suggestions, our mixologist has created 19 unique blends, with mind and body benefits (besides their great aromas!). Check out our Beneficial Blends here!