The Story of Seed

The Beauty of Healthy Skin

Our Roots

Seed was launched in 2009 after we (founders, Rebecca and Benjamin Gournay) decided to focus on making healthier choices while trying to start a family.  In evaluating other "natural" products, we discovered that most "natural" formulas actually contained potentially harmful ingredients, didn't work that well, and were prohibitively expensive. We thought we could do better.

The Real Difference

Seed LineIt's Better with SeedSeed doesn't play word games.  When we say natural, we mean that all of our formulas are plant-based, harnessing the goodness of proprietary blends of seed oils, and other straight-from-Mother Nature ingredients.  Other companies can try to get by on technicalities. Dimethicone, for example, is technically "natural" -- as petroleum is.  But that byproduct can have side effects.  Seed is proud of its pure, clean formulas -- more on that soon.

Science has proven that seeds are superfoods.  Now you can reap those same super benefits on your skin.  Our highest quality ingredients offer deep hydration and true nourishment -- all at an extraordinary value that makes genuinely healthier, purer products accessible to everyone.

The Healthy Choice

Seed is a response to your desire for body care products that are truly good for you. Not just about what we don't have (of course we are free of all that bad stuff), our ingredients nourish.  We have gone to great lengths to avoid common allergens -- not necessarily non-natural, but you may need formulas that avoid gluten, soy, dairy.  And synthetic fragrance is the #1 source of topical skin allergies, so we never use it. You can trust that we will share 100% of all of our ingredients with you, so you can enjoy with confidence.

Seed Body Care ranking on EWG Skin Deep DatabaseEach of our products receives a rating includes a rating from the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep Database.  This Third Party group researches ingredients- science, the amount of science, the potential for negative side effects.  Then they rank individual products based on their research.  In their ranking a 0 would be perfect -- a lack of known harmful ingredients.  A 9 would indicate that there is significant science that showing that ingredients in the product are harmful.  

We are proud to be ranked between a 1-2 on all our products (GREEN), and we are proud of the "Champion" Status they gave us for our clean formulas.

We want to be your #1 brand for Healthy Body Care. Healthy Beauty you'll love every day. Feel good products in every way.

Your Healthiest Skin Starts with Seed.


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