Seed Aromatherapy Body Oil Mist Collection

Seed Body Oil Mist Collection - Aromatherapeutic

Serious Moisturizing in Whisper Light Body Mists. Now with Mind & Body Essential Oil Aromatherapy 

We always need soft, silky skin, but sometimes our mood or need makes us...well, particular.  Is it that sort of day where a little extra calm would be nice?  Working hard and needing some muscle-warming goodness?  Need to feel better faster and could use a real breath of fresh air?

Our new Body Oil Mist Collection is a selection of aromatherapeutic moisturizing that fits all occasions. Always 100% essential oil fragrances.  (Do those other synthetic fragrances really help?)

Spray on application means just the right amount, without any waste or mess.

Directions: Spray on body after showering, or directly into bath. Feel better.

Ingredients: Visit individual product pages for list of all ingredients.

Set includes: