Healthy Beauty that looks as good as it feels, with Seed Face & Body Care

Listen, we aren't here to play word games with you. When we say natural, we mean that all of our formulas are plant-based, harnessing the goodness of precious seed oils and other straight-from-Mother-Nature ingredients.

Other companies get by on technicalities - dimethicone? Sure, it's "natural", but it's also a petroleum byproduct with side effects.

We use plant-derived ingredients, with science-based benefits.

Fragrance? Love it - but only 100% natural essential oils. Fragrance Free? - of course, we offer Fragrance Free in all of our products - truly fragrance free - as in no added fragrance to cover up other aromas. Neutral and nice.

We started looking for better choices when we were starting a family, but we have come to find out that people start looking for better choices at all different times in their lives.  New allergies? New baby? Managing middle age with better choices? All these and more.  

The bottom line is that you want healthy skin -- and soft and beautiful and soothed skin. We only carry products that deliver.

I guess you could say we are no-nonsense natural.  We take pride in our loyal customers and our fantastic customer service.  Time to find out for yourself!

Seed has been designated Champion by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

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