Formulating Your Best Seed Custom Blend

How exciting! It's time to create!

Here are a few helpful hints:

Seed Custom Blends Collection

  • Play the numbers game. With Seed Custom Blend, you can select up to three (3) essential oils per product. If you really want to distinguish each scent, stick to one (1) or two (2) essential oils in each Custom Blend. Combining three essential oils delivers the benefits of all three but typically makes it harder to pick up individual aromas.
  • Know your oils. Not an essential oil expert? No worries! Click on each oil to get a feel for its benefits, what it smells like, and which other oils blend well with it.
  • Testing, testing! Take our Essential Oil Quiz to help you pinpoint the best primary oil for you. This quick, super-fun quiz makes a personalized recommendation based on your unique personality.
  • Let us help. Would you like us to help you with your specific needs or requests? Email us at and we will ask questions and provide ideas.
  • Get inspired. Stir up your imagination and get those creative juices flowing (in just 54 seconds!) with our Seed Custom Blends Introduction Video.
  • Take a pregnant pause. Expecting a bundle of joy? As with everything you put on or in your body right now, please make sure your doctor is on board with essential oil use.
  • Use with care.  Our essential oils are added at conservative (beneficial and safe) levels, but please know that Essential Oils are to be used with care.  So, be cautious with young children, if you are out in the sun, and around sensitive body areas (like eyes.)


Seed Custom Blends Introduction from Seed Body Care on Vimeo.

This is big. Possibly life changing. Your Body Care Products, Your Way. Created by you, for you.


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