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What is the best gift you can give yourself this holiday season?

I don't know about you, but I find this time of year particularly stressful. Don't get me wrong. I absolutely love Christmas, the traditions, the decorating, entertaining & the joy on my children's faces. However, bickering relatives, unrealistic expectations, and lack of sleep tend to take a toll.

My "signature" stress symptoms -- clenching my jaw and uncomfortably tense shoulder blades -- have arrived just in time for the holidays. I know that I am not alone. Chances are, you are feeling a bit overwhelmed with last minute ordering, gift wrapping or chorus concerts at school.

Here's the thing, though. You do not have to feel this way. Give yourself the gift of self care, of better pampering, of a bit of peace and calm.

Here are some ideas for taking better care of yourself:

  • Use aromatherapy. This is one of our favorite recommendations. American College of Healthcare Sciences President, Dorene Peterson, BA, Dip.NT, Dip.Acu, RH (AHG) explains, "Aromatherapy is one effective self-care method we can use to stop stress from taking root in the body. Aromatherapy triggers the relaxation response, necessary for self-care." Here at Seed, we believe in the many benefits provided by essential oils in aromatherapy. Essential oils are the backbone of aromatherapy and we have more than 1000 possible blend combinations for you to create in our Custom Blends line. Plus, our Beneficial Blends line has expertly blended combinations to take the guesswork out of it for you.
  • Enjoy a warm bath before you turn in for the night.Turn the lights down. Light a couple of candles and turn on some soft music (listening to soft music is also a form of self care). Soak your troubles away and enjoy the warmth and quiet of bathing. Spritz our  Relaxing Blend Body Oil into your bath water and relax. Add some of our lavender-infused body wash onto your loofah and indulge in the relaxing suds. Close your eyes and just be.
  • De-stress and warm up (literally) with a yoga class. I go in the evenings every now and again for 75 minutes of Vinyasa (hot) yoga. It takes place in a dimly lit room and is quiet. Unlike the gym, which is a high-energy, loud place that seems to put my senses into overtime, my yoga ritual is relaxing and cathartic. This form of yoga is actually ideal for self care. There have been multiple studies about the relationship between yoga and stress. Many link a reduction of depression and anxiety symptoms to regular yoga practice. Combining stretching, flexibility, and deep breathing, yoga may quickly become a favorite part of your post-holiday self care routine, too!


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