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The Right Way to Apply Skin Care Products

Are you applying your facial skin care products in the correct order, and with the proper application techniques?

Seed shares the right way to use products

Order and timing matter

The two most important things to consider when it comes to applying your facial care products are timing and order.

  • Timing matters. Certain active ingredients can have a one to three hour working time, especially heavy duty acne treatments. If you were to apply another skin care product over something with a long working time, you would be preventing the active ingredients from working properly.
  • Order is also very important. A good rule of thumb is that you apply products in order from lightest (most watery/liquidy) to heaviest.

What is the right order to apply products?

  1. Facial Cleanser (AM/PM) - Wash your face with a gentle cleanser morning and night. "But I went  to bed with a clean face, so I don't need to cleanse in the morning." This is not the case. While sleeping, your skin is still being exposed to everything from pet dander to leftover skin cells from prior nights left behind on your sheets and pillowcases. You still need to cleanse.
  2. Facial Toner (AM/PM) -- Refresh and hep balance skin pH with a soothing toner.
  3. Eye Cream (AM/PM) - If you use eye cream, apply this now so that it has time to sink in. The skin under your eyes is thinner than an eggshell and has very few oil glands. A richer product for this area is best, allowing several minutes to absorb. If you don't, any makeup used around the eye area may smear.
  4. Serum (PM) -- If you use serums, whether they are oil based or water-based, now is the time to apply. Serums tend to be lightweight with potent ingredients and should be applied closest to the cleansed skin.
  5. Facial Moisturizer (AM/PM - see sunscreen below)
  6. Sunscreen (AM) -- If you are wearing sunscreen, it needs to be the last step in your facial care routine. Why? If you apply a moisturizer on top of your sunscreen, the ingredients will likely dilute the potency of the broad spectrum sunscreen ingredients, rendering it much less effective. If you are oilier, you can skip your moisturizer in the AM and just use the sunscreen. At night before bed, skip the SPF and use your moisturizer only.
Seed Advanced Botanicals Facial Care

Now that you know which order is best, let's make sure you are using the right amount and application techniques to maximize the effectiveness of the products in your Seed Advanced Botanicals Facial Care Regimen.

  • Splash your face with warm water and apply a small amount of cleanser to hands (about the size of a dime). Gently use your fingers to massage the cleanser into your face. Some people use cleansing brushes and other devices and our creamy cleanser does work beautifully with them. 
  • Rinse with warm water and PAT the skin very gently. Do not rub with the towel, as this can help to promote the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Next, take out your cotton ball or cotton pad and press down once on the convenient applicator of our toner bottle. This dispenses just the right amount. Lightly swipe toner over the skin.
  • To apply our moisturizer, pump a pea to dime size amount of lotion to your fingertips and massage in gentle upward motions. Remember to be kind to your skin -- don't tug on it; pamper it! If your skin is very dry, do not keep applying more moisturizer, as you can get too much of a good thing when it comes to skin care. Preparation is everything. If you cleanse and tone twice daily and exfoliate your skin up to two times a week, your moisturizer will be able to penetrate more easily.

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