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The Health Benefits of Taking a Bath

Baths are steeped in tradition, from heated baths in Rome to enjoying cool baths in Scandinavia. Most of us associate baths as being either for young children or for those taking long, pampering bubble baths for those rare "take me away" experiences. There are many health benefits to enjoying a bath, though.

1. Taking a warm bath at night can help you get a better sleep.

Once you have stepped into your warm bath, you immediately feel calmer and more relaxed. Did you know that science tells us there is another reason baths help you feel a bit better, though? Do you know that cooler feeling you experience stepping out of the tub, leaving the warm water behind? When that colder air hits your skin, your brain releases something you may have heard of before: Melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that helps to lull you off to Dream Land a bit more easily.

2. The steam from a bath may help with cold symptoms.

It's true! Remember when you were a young child and your mom would turn the shower on and close the bathroom door so the steam would help with your cough and congestion. Mom was right. Steam helps to work as a decongestant and the warmth of your bath will help you feel more comfortable. Seed tip: Try adding a bit of Decongesting Blend to your bath experience.

Seed Bath Blossoms - natural bath bombs with essential oils

3. Baths can help soothe your skin.

While sitting in a plain bath can help to open the pores, adding a Seed Bubbling Bath Blossom to the tub can help pamper the skin even more. Our bath blossoms are abundant in natural butters and oils, including grape seed oil, cocoa butter, and shea butter. When the blossom dissolves, your skin will be left moisturized and feeling silky.

Seed Therapeutic Blend Body Oil with spray mist

4. Baths may improve circulation.

As soon as your feet hit the warm water, your body sends more blood to the surface of the skin. One visible sign of this is a flushed appearance to the skin. Blood pressure is temporarily lowered and a feeling of calm hits the body. The heat from the water and improved circulation may also help with minor muscular aches and pains. Tip: Consider adding a spritz of our Therapeutic Blend Body Oil into your bath water to enjoy the muscle soothing benefits of the natural essential oils.

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