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Spread Some Sunshine This Holiday Season

Are you looking for some gift ideas this holiday season? We're sharing some favorite ideas. Today, we're thinking about a special kind of person. This gift recipient needs some extra pampering. She (or he) deserves some sunshine, to have a bit more cheer. A nurse, a caretaker, that special friend or relative who is always thinking of others, perhaps? Or maybe you know someone who just needs that pick me up gift that says, "You deserve a big hug and some TLC."


No matter what the mercury reads, you can enjoy the feeling of sunshine's comforting embrace with our Warm Sunshine. We like to refer to it as a hug in a bottle -- think of it as your loving, first with a big smile friend.

With its cheerful citrus fusion, Warm Sunshine is a little piece of heaven. Not only does this smell like bottled sunshine, it will deliver aromatherapy benefits while it makes your skin feel soft, smooth, comfortable & nourished. We want your skin to feel amazing. You deserve it! 

  • 100% pure orange essential oil creates feeling of happiness and warmth
  • Lemon essential oil offers antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits
  • Grapefruit essential oil induces feelings of hope and positivity.

This limited-edition set features large value sizes of our natural body wash and natural body lotion. It really is the perfect pampering gift!

Other ideas to complement this set:

Seed Custom Blend Lip Oil


  • How about a homemade gift of Orange Marmalade? Decorate a classic mason jar and try a recipe. This recipe from Alton Brown is my tried & true.

  • Your gift recipient will also likely enjoy a leisurely cup of grapefruit tea. I recommend the Grapefruit Oolong from Adagio Teas to invigorate the spirits.


  • Light an aromatherapy candle (made only with pure essential oils) in lemon such as the Rare Essence Spa Candle in Refresh. It'd be a great add-on gift to a Warm Sunshine-themed gift.





  • Still unsure? Let your gift recipient choose anything at all with our Seed Gift Cards, available in multiple denominations.

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