Over 5 years in the making - Introducing Seed Advanced Botanicals Facial Care

August 14, 2016

Seed Advanced Botanicals Facial Care

It's probably our most Frequently Asked Question: "Do you have products for the face?"

After over five years, I am thrilled to finally answer, "Yes, we do!"

Drumroll please :) Introducing our NEW Seed Advanced Botanicals Facial Line!

Why did it take us so long?  Because we absolutely had to get it right.  Better ingredients, that actually deliver meaningful benefits. Where your skin will look fantastic, you will feel fantastic, and it will deliver nutrients that have science based benefits. Naturally occurring vitamins for a Naturally Beautiful You!

Over the next several weeks, we will be sharing more about the better ingredients in Seed Advanced Botanicals facial care products.  The benefits you will enjoy. Gorgeous skin feels good -- helps you feel your very best, and we are confident that Seed Advanced Botanicals will live up to your very high expectations. 

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Karley at Seed Body Care
Karley at Seed Body Care

August 16, 2016

Hi Grace! Our facial care products are available exclusively online here at seedbodycare.com.

Sandy, thank you for your lovely comment!


August 14, 2016

What stores will your products be sold in?

Sandy Greco (Smith)
Sandy Greco (Smith)

August 14, 2016

I am so excited to hear that you have this line and look forward to trying it. I sure miss the demos at Wegman’s in Dewitt, NY….I enjoyed working with you, Rebecca! Best to you!!

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