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Is your skin ready for winter?

Winter is right around the corner. Do you know what that means?  Before you know it, furnaces will be turned on all day and night and the air will be less humid. When it comes to your facial and body care routine, that means changing things up to compensate for dry skin.

Nix the foaming cleansers and choose a creamier formula.

A milky facial cleanser will be gentler on your skin this time of year.  Most foaming cleansers contain irritating surfactants such as sodium laureth or lauryl sulfate. Creamy or lotion cleansers are best. Cleansers with sunflower seed and shea butter, such as Seed Advanced Botanicals Facial Cleanser, are especially gentle, even around the delicate eye area.

For the body, consider replacing your drying, sulfate-based gel body washes with a creamy, light lathering formula. Seed Gentle Body Wash is perfect for the shower -- it's enriched with natural shea butter, grape seed, and skin calming aloe vera.

Swipe on a bit of extra hydration.

Facial toners are a fabulous addition to your skin care routine year 'round, but especially in the fall and winter months. When you use a toner with aromatic plant distillates and soothing ingredients, it helps nourish skin cells and will help your facial moisturizer work more effectively.  Use a toner prior to moisturizing with a cotton pad.

Switch from a lightweight body lotion to a body cream.

While fluid formulations are ideal when your skin is holding more moisture, a richer cream is often necessary to help keep the skin hydrated. Arms and legs are particularly susceptible to dryness and flaking this time of year. Why? When they are under cover instead of exposed with sleeveless tops or shorts, we tend to ignore exfoliating and moisturizing them. Massage body cream with grape seed, coconut oil, and shea butter into your skin each night so you can wake up with velvety soft skin. Try Seed Silky & Rich Body Cream which also adds sunflower and green tea to the natural cocktail of ingredients.


Use body oils to quench the skin after your shower.

Hot water can dry out your skin.  Very often, you step out of the shower only to find that your skin itches from the dehydration. Unlike traditional body lotions, oils absorb right into your skin instantly and help your skin retain moisture. Seed Body Oil Mist , which is packed full of protective antioxidants, comes in spray form. That means no more slippery hands -- or bottles to drop!

Say goodbye to traditional, waxy lip balms and hello to soft, healthy lips!

It seems like a neverending cycle. In the winter, you are left with chapped lips, so you apply lip balm. Your lips still feel parched and flaky, so you add more balm. It seems to help -- temporarily -- and then you end of using even more. Before you know it, you've applied your lip balm a dozen times throughout the day.

Here's why that happens. Traditional lip balms are waxy. Often petrolatum or beeswax, both occlusives, are the main ingredient. While moisture gets locked in when you apply a balm with those ingredients do not allow moisture to absorb. In other words, any beneficial ingredients will just sit on top of your lips. 

Our Lip Oil glides on smooth, is wax free, and contains healing ingredients such as jojoba oil, grape seed, rice bran, avocado, and more.

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