Lately I've been paying more attention

Hygge - Seed Style

I remember when I was looking for my house in New Jersey.  I had just moved from my home state of Minnesota, I was separated on the way to divorce, and I was looking for a place to feel good.  

Interestingly, I wasn't looking for it to be exactly what I wanted, I was going to make it what I wanted.  So the green carpeting and the green walls and the wallpaper...all of it, I could live with it for a while while I made it my own.

But I had to have the fireplace.  And the deck that overlooked a small creek.  I needed to feel cozy. When the real estate agent told me that the previous owners (there was only one family in this 1960 home) loved Christmas, I felt it was karma. 

When my current husband and I found Seed, it was important that the brand felt good.  Everything about it - how it felt when it was on, the natural fragrance, how you felt about the ingredients.  That's comfort to me, too. And I genuinely hope it brings you some Hygge.

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