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How to Keep Your Lip Color from Bleeding

Does your lipstick or lip gloss stay where it is supposed to stay? In a perfect world, your lip color would stay where it was intended -- right on the lips. It's an imperfect world, though, so we often experience lip color migration, bleeding, and feathering.


Seed Lip Tips to Prevent Bleeding

Make your lip color stay in place with our favorite makeup tips:

exfoliate your lips to prevent bleeding

1. Exfoliate.

Flaky lips wreak havoc on lip color, from lipsticks to lip glosses. Apply a lip scrub or make your own with a natural oil and sugar mix right in your kitchen. You can use grape seed oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, or any healthy plant oil to do this. I like to mix the oil with turbinado sugar because it is more coarse. Rub into the lips with your finger tips and gentle rinse off.

2. Moisturize.

Before bed when you are applying your facial moisturizer, apply a lip moisturizer like Seed Lip Oil. Then your lips will be soft and smooth when you wake up and ready for color.


Reverse lip liner for lipstick bleeding

3. Use lip liner.

Gone are the days of lip liners to match lipstick or -- a big no-no -- applying a dark liner outside the lips and coloring in with a lighter shade. That went out with stirrup pants back in the 90's. These days, there are many clear and flesh-toner lip liners. These are nearly invisible and are applied to the lip line to create a barrier. This will keep lip color where it belongs -- on the lips, as opposed to creeping outside onto the skin. My favorite is from Cargo Cosmetics.




4. Consider layering your color.

If you want your lip color to remain truer longer, consider layering products. Apply a light layer of lipstick and then top with Seed Satin Lip Gloss. Your lips will have beautiful color and be pampered with beneficial ingredients.

apply loose powder to lock in lip color

5. Blot & powder.

It may sound old school, but it works. Grab a tissue and lightly blot your lip color after applying. Then use a very light layer of silica-based translucent loose powder with a fluffy brush or powder puff to finish and seal in the color. I want to emphasize that this works best with a very light hand, but both work like a charm. I used to use both tricks on brides for their special day to ensure long-wearing, beautiful lip color throughout both the ceremony and reception.

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