How Does Menopause Affect the Skin?

July 09, 2020

How Does Menopause Affect the Skin?

“The change.” That’s how my grandmother used to refer to menopause. You’ve heard about menopause for so many years and now that it’s here, your skin seems to be going haywire. I used to remember writing articles on skin care and touching upon menopause thinking that it was years and years away. Nope. It is here and I have been enjoying its effects, hot flashes in particular. It is NOT fun.

Most people associate the teenage years as the time in your life when you encounter the most difficult skin issues. In reality, you are just as likely to experience major skin changes while going through menopause. In fact, these issues may be even more dramatic now, as an aging component is added.

Menopause brings many side effects besides hot flashes and weight gain (again, that is me). All of the hormonal shifts can have a major impact on your skin.

Hormonal changes may trigger acne.

Pimples. Many women are able to escape adulthood with nothing more than the occasional pimple. The hormonal changes associated with menopause create the perfect storm for acne to form. Testosterone levels are on the upswing, while estrogen levels decline. When testosterone levels increase, it also results in the sebaceous glands producing even more oil. Breakouts are more likely to appear at the chin, jawline, chest and back. These symptoms often begin at the onset on menopause.

Having a solid routine and using gentle facial skincare products is key to treating hormonal acne. Did you know that research indicates Niacinamide may help to treat acne? Natural essential oils like Rosemary and Lemongrass also may help to lessen breakouts. Our Daily Facial Moisturizer for Combination and Oily Skin contains all of those ingredients, yet will still give your skin the pampering nourishment it needs. We also recommend our Face Wash for Oily and Combination Skin to gently cleanse without stripping the skin. Our new serum is also recommended because it is lightweight, addresses issues that your skin may be experiencing right now, and helps your skin look more vibrant.

An increase in testosterone can result in more facial hair.

It happens to all of us at one time or another — an errant hair we catch in the magnifying mirror. Most of us just take out our tweezers and the hair is gone. When you are going through menopause, however, darker and coarser hairs tend to crop up on the chin and other areas of the face. This is not just a nuisance. It can truly impact a woman’s self esteem. At home IPL treatments, in-office laser hair removal and a prescription called Vaniqua are options commonly recommended by dermatologists to minimize regrowth.

The sun has a more visible impact now.

It is very important to apply a broad spectrum sunscreen at any age. As the production of melanin slows down with menopause, though, you are more likely to notice blotchiness, uneven tone and brown spots.  You can lighten these patches of discoloration with products containing Black Cumin Seed Oil, which can naturally help fade spots without harmful chemicals. A good choice is our Aging Beautifully Face Serum, which contains this ingredient.

Your skin might look like it is sagging or loose.

It seems to happen quickly. One day, your skin is tight and firm and the next it looks like it is starting to sag.  At menopause, production of collagen dramatically slows down. When this happens, in many ways, your skin loses its support system. The connective tissue isn’t as strong and facial sagging may occur. Wrinkles begin to form with this loss of elasticity. Boost moisture and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles with the plant-based natural anti-aging ingredients found in our Extra Moisturizing Face Cream

D'Orientine S has skin regenerating properties, while Argan Oil may help slow down skin cell aging. Hydrolized Lupine Protein also helps to fight the visible signs of skin aging.

 Your skin seems to suddenly have lost its youthful glow.

Cell turnover also slows down during menopause. This causes dead skin cells to remain on the skin longer than before, so they collect on the skin, leaving it dull and lackluster. There are natural ingredients that will help benefit the skin and improve clarity. Our face oil features Argan Oil to improve elasticity, Rosehip Oil for a boost in clarity, and Hemp Seed, which I like to call a GLOW giver.

Over time, skin will become more refreshed and your complexion will have a more healthy looking, radiant glow.

Other important notes:

  • Many doctors recommend avoiding soy-based ingredients for women going through menopause. Why? While soy is believed to alleviate many symptoms and side effects of menopause, soy is a phytoestrogen. Seed products do not contain any soy ingredients.
  • Hand care is even more important now. Did you know that your hands lose collagen and fat (as well as moisture) when you are going through menopause? It's true. Be sure to apply hand cream daily to help keep your hands looking smooth and supple.

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