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Gifts for everyone on your list

I don't know about you, but I find this time of year a bit stressful. It's not nearly as chaotic as the pre-online shopping days, but trying to find meaningful gifts for all of my recipients can seem like a daunting task. Even when I am buying my gifts online, I have my mental list of relatives and friends and then find myself "wandering" from site to site trying to find that perfect gift that won't break the bank (while still being fabulous).

I have some suggestions to make your last minute shopping as stress-free as possible.

Seed Body Care has Christmas gifts for men women and children


For your best girlfriends -- Give them lip gloss! Because I have children to buy for, as well as my other family members, I don't do anything extravagant for my girlfriends, but this year, I will give my two closest friends a new lip gloss and adult coloring book when I see them for dinner this weekend. At Seed, there are so many stunning colors, plus I know that they will love the ingredients.

For men -- My husband doesn't do scented ANYTHING, but if your special guy loves fragrance, check out our For Him Beneficial Blend. It smells AMAZING and it can be added to our body oils, lotion, body wash and more. My husband spends lots of time outdoors. The elements here in western NY take their toll, so his lips get dry. Through snowblowing, skiing, hiking, or any other activities, I know that Seed Lip Oil is something that he loves to use to keep them soft. After all, who wants to be caught under the mistletoe with someone with dry, flaky lips? Not me. By the way, lip oil is great for everyone on your list -- I like to put them in my husband's stocking.

For kids -- Our Good to Grow line is ideal for kiddos. The body wash and lotions are great stocking stuffers!

For teachers, nurses, hair stylists (and everyone) -- I love to give my children's teachers Seed Healthy Hand Cream. They are frequently washing their hands and are in contact with lots of paper. It's only natural that their hands get a bit more dry. Hair stylists love Seed too! Why? Their hands are in water or in gloves much of the day. They use their hands all day long, too! Hand cream is a must. I also love to give the nursing staff at the doctor's office some fragrance free hand cream this time of year. They must always have clean hands and are not allowed to wear anything with fragrance, so keeping them moist and healthy is something they appreciate.

For you-- It never fails. Every year before Christmas, I get a nasty cold. I swear by our Decongesting Blend Body Oil Mist. In my house we NEVER use the stuff that rhymes with "iks" -- it is full of nasty ingredients. We do use this natural, essential oil-rich oil, though. Spritz it on, breathe it in, feel relief.

These are just a few ideas! No matter who you are buying for, we have something that your gift recipient will just love.


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