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Finding Joy in the Garden

Seed Gardening for Happiness and Joy

Seed is sharing some health benefits of gardening today.

I am looking outside right now at my beautiful rhododenron blooms, hanging baskets full of red geraniums, pansies, and purple petunias. Looking at all of beautiful flowers and enjoying the scents and textures of the garden always makes me feel happy. Do you feel that way too? If so, there is a reason for this!

An abundance of research shows that gardening has a positive impact on mental health. There is just something about the way humans feel in nature -- there is a connection. We feel more aware of our senses, feelings, and worth when we are outdoors inhaling the air and being immersed in the earth's beauty.

The act of tending to the garden has many benefits. Think of the hard work you put into sowing seeds, planting bulbs, watering, feeding, adding mulch, weeding, etc. Each day, we can go out to the garden and marvel at our progress. Think about how you feel when you are able to see the beautiful fruits of your labor (often literal fruits of your labor depending on what you are planting). Right before your eyes, tiny seeds flourish and grow and become beautiful flowering plants.

I get excited this time of year. We have a peach tree, grapevines, Granny Smith apple tree, as well as raspberries and blackberries. Last year was our first summer in this old house and each day was truly a gift to my soul stepping outside and discovering what was so new to me. It can be a lot of work, whether you're tending to produce or roses and hydrangeas. It is very worth it, though!

The simple act of taking a stroll in the garden allows you to focus on self-care even if you are not one who makes it a point to do so. We are often one with our thoughts in quiet reflection. It's almost a form of meditation. That quiet act of doing feeds something within us and nourishes our souls.

Health wise, gardening can help to lower blood pressure, ease pain and even tension headaches. That mood boost you feel in the garden? Well, research tells us that we can thank serotonin for that. Serotonin is the "feel good" hormone and gardening boosts serotonin levels, reducing anxiety and lifting the spirits.

Seed Healthy Tip:

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