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Do You Need a Facial Toner?

It's an often asked question of skin care professionals: "Is toner really necessary?"

Do you need a facial toner by Seed Facial Care


In a word, yes.

I think that some people are skeptical of trying toners because they associate toner with the old SD alcohol-based astringents that used to strip skin and leave it feeling tight and dry. That's not what we're talking about.

A good toner will be free of harsh ingredients artificial colors or fragrance and actually serves a purpose to the skin.

Toner helps to remove any traces of makeup left behind after cleansing. A well-formulated toner can also restore the skin’s pH.

Why you need Seed facial toner

  • Refreshes with aromatic plant distillates
  • After cleansing, our toner balances your skin's pH prior to moisturizing
  • Ultra-clean feel
  • Cleanses any remaining make-up
  • Soothes and calms skin
  • "One-Touch" dispenser conserves product, keeps out germs and air
  • Available in Lemon Balm or Cucumber

After cleansing, use a cotton ball or cotton pad and dispense toner onto it. Swipe across the skin and apply moisturizer. Tip for a hot day: toner chilled in the fridge feels amazing on the skin!


Sep 08, 2016

What is the difference between the two toners as far as skin types go? Which one has the least amount of fragrance?

Joan McMillen

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