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Beauty Tips for Plumper Lips

March 13, 2018

Beauty Tips for Plumper Lips

Open up any fashion magazine these days and you will see a glossy ad for lip plumping products. Stroll through the makeup stores at the mall and you'll notice the same thing.

Can we have a little heart to heart about how these products work? The ingredients in lip plumpers cause irritation. I am looking at plumpers right now on my desk. I have one with Alcohol Denat as the #2 ingredient! That is a harsh alcohol and you might as well swipe vodka across your lips (No, please do not try this at home and we are NOT suggesting this). It will burn and have a tingly feel. That tingle is irritation, bringing on a bit of swelling, Voila! Plump lips.

We looked at many natural alternatives to plumping the lips. Cinnamon essential oil is one possible ingredient for this, but it is very irritating to the lips. That inflammatory response from the burning feeling will naturally add volume to the lips. So would getting a bee sting, (also natural), but you would not want to do this to your lips.

We don't want to hurt your lips. The next time you see a a product promising to plump the lips, replace it with the proper word -- swell. Your lips are swelling because of the irritants. Not so appealing now, is it?

Please don't get me wrong. Once I turned 40, I noticed that my top lip lost some natural fullness. There are things you can do that are actually good for the lips, don't involve discomfort or costly injections with fillers.

Did you know that moisturizing ingredients such as grape seed oil contain phytosterols, which can naturally give lips a fuller appearance? They nourish and protect, giving a healthy and plump look. 


The Zoe Report names Seed Peppermint Lip Oil tops for plumper lips

Peppermint for plumper lips?

Yes, possibly! We know that essential oils offer many benefits. Peppermint essential oil may help give lips a plumper appearance, albeit temporarily. Last week, our Therapeutic Lip Oil with Peppermint was featured as a must-have item for plumper lips in the Zoe Report.

Why might this help with plumping? Peppermint essential oil has stimulating effects and studies have shown that the oil boosts blood circulation. That would help provide a fuller look to the lip area. 

Do not overlook exfoliation.

Advice: Gently slough dead skin cells on the lips with a lip scrub or damp washcloth or toothbrush. Then treat with lip oil. Exfoliation is a critical step in skin care and lip care. It reveals fresh, new skin cells and when you apply products with phytosterols, they help to protect those new skin cells that give a plumper looking lip.

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