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Beautiful Soft Lip Tips

One of the first things people notice about you is your lips. Think of it -- your lips are what people see when you smile and when you speak. Unfortunately, if you have chapped, peeling lips, everyone is going to notice them right away. 

Healthy, beautiful soft lips can be yours with some easy to follow tips from our experts here at Seed.

Seed shares beautiful soft healthy lip tips

Are waxy balms the key to soft lips?

What is the first thing most people reach for when their lips are feeling dry? If you answered lip balm, you're right. Unfortunately, lip balms aren't always the best choice.

It's a common misconception that waxy balms help deliver moisture to the lips. 

Here's what Dr. Mauro C. Rumita, who specializes in esthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery says on the subject: "Contrary to what most people believe, [some] don't hydrate the lips. Instead, they seal moisture out, so lips can't absorb it."

Dermatologist Dr. Audrey Kunin agrees."How much moisture does a tube of wax give your lips? Very little. Wax is a protective barrier, not a healing agent," she writes.

So do you need a physical barrier? No. Perhaps I should say only in certain situations. If you are out skiing and the wind is in your face, it might be best to consider a balm with built in sunscreen to protect -- but that is all it will do. Waxy lip balms can protect, but they are not formulated to heal. 

A better option is a true lip oil like Seed Lip Oil. Our oils are 100% plant based and are free of sticky, tacky waxes that just sit atop the lips. They are meant to nourish and condition the lips.

Shea oil, abundant in vitamins and fatty acids, is present in all of our lips oils to soothe, soften, and moisturize. Jojoba oil, which is actually an ester, can replace that sticky balm and often protective benefits without stickiness. Antioxidant Vitamin E also offers protection and nourishment.

The exceptional seed ingredients simply are able to heal the lips in a way a traditional waxy balm just cannot.

An insider's tip to tackle extra rough lips

We love sharing staff secrets with you -- or "hacks", if you will. I have shared before that I use our fragrance free body oil to remove my mascara. We have a great lip care tip for you today and it comes from our very own Seed founder, Rebecca! 

Rebecca tells us that when her lips are in extra rough shape -- thank you, Northeast winters -- that she uses Seed Body Cream to tackle ultra rough lips. That is the beauty of safe, seed based skin care. You can even use it on the lips without worrying about nasty ingredients! Our silky, rich cream can help pamper those lips with aloe, grape seed, shea butter, coconut oil, green tea, and more.

Try it out and then start using the lip oil. Let us know how your lips like the extra TLC.

Show off your beautiful lips

Lip color + lip care? Yes, please!

Once your lips are feeling soft and looking healthy, show them off! Have you ever seen someone with dry, chapped lips wearing lip color only to have it appear patchy and uneven? That is why lip care is so important. You need that smooth and soft surface for the best lip look. I love how we offer the best of both worlds by having highly pigmented healthy lip glosses that actually treat your lips with the benefits of Abyssinian Oil

Our Satin Lip Gloss is a true multitasker! Not only does it pamper your lips with the best seed-based ingredients, but it also adds gorgeous color.


Phytosterols are natural lip plumpers seed based healthy lip care

Trendspotting: Let's talk plumping the pout

Open up any fashion magazine these days and you will see a glossy ad for lip plumping products. Stroll through the makeup stores at the mall and you'll notice the same thing.

Can we have a little heart to heart about how these products work? The ingredients in lip plumpers cause irritation. I am looking at plumpers right now on my desk. I have one with Alcohol Denat as the #2 ingredient! That is a harsh alcohol and you might as well swipe vodka across your lips (No, please do not try this at home and we are NOT suggesting this). It will burn and have a tingly feel. That tingle is irritation, bringing on a bit of swelling, Voila! Plump lips.

We looked at many natural alternatives to plumping the lips. Cinnamon essential oil is one possible ingredient for this, but it is very irritating to the lips. That inflammatory response from the burning feeling will naturally add volume to the lips. So would getting a bee sting, (also natural), but you would not want to do this to your lips.

We don't want to hurt your lips. The next time you see a a product promising to plump the lips, replace it with the proper word -- swell. Your lips are swelling because of the irritants. Not so appealing now, is it?

Please don't get me wrong. Once I turned 40, I noticed that my top lip lost some natural fullness. There are things you can do that are actually good for the lips, don't involve discomfort or costly injections with fillers.

Did you know that moisturizing ingredients such as grape seed oil contain phytosterols, which can naturally give lips a fuller appearance? They nourish and protect, giving a healthy and plump look. 

Advice: Gently slough dead skin cells on the lips with a lip scrub or damp washcloth or toothbrush. Then treat with lip oil. Exfoliation is a critical step in skin care and lip care. It reveals fresh, new skin cells and when you apply products with phytosterols, they help to protect those new skin cells that give a plumper looking lip.

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