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A Step by Step Skin Care Guide for Beginners

April 10, 2018

Seed Face Care - Step by Step Skin Care

I suppose we could also call this post "skin care for newbies" or "Basic Skin Care 101" - whatever you'd like to call it, this is a simplified guide for those of you who are wondering WHY you need to have a regimen to begin with. We have talked about the benefits of a consistent skin care routine before here on the Seed blog.

We wanted to create an easy guide that is basic for those of you who feel intimidated by the wide range of products on store shelves. I have been in the skin care industry for more than half my life. It is my job to know the ins and outs of products - but it should be easy for everyone else who is NOT in the skin care field. We do not want you to ever feel confused or unsure of your choices. Step into any large beauty store in your local mall and it can be INTIMIDATING. Many people are afraid to ask questions or simply say, "I just want to know WHY I need this product."

We want to help take the guesswork out of it. You want to start a consistent skin care routine. You know it’s important. We want you to know what each product is for & how it will help you - without making it confusing.

Here is a little skin care guide to the three basic steps to start out with:


Three Steps to Get You Started:



1. Cleanse with a gentle face wash. A gentle, water-soluble facial cleanser can help take off your makeup and dissolve impurities. Removing impurities in essential to help prevent clogged pores and skin congestion, which can lead to breakouts. Face wash can also help provide a clean slate for your other skin care products.

2. Next, sweep toner over the face with a cotton ball or pad. A well-formulated toner is free of drying alcohols and can help refresh, balance, and hydrate the skin. It can also help restore skin pH. Toner is used to help remove the last traces of makeup or debris left behind after cleansing. It can help eliminate dry patched, and may instantly provide a healthy, refreshed look to the skin.

3. Lastly, massage facial moisturizer into skin. If you are dry, consider a richer face cream. A high quality moisturizer helps skin lock in moisture, provides immediate hydration, and can offer anti-aging benefits. It is important to use this daily to help plump and soften the skin, as well as visibly improve skin appearance.

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