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The Monthly Roundup: What's trending in industry news?

It's hard to believe it's already March. With more snow predicted here in western New York, it looks as though this one will be coming it like a lion.

New on the Seed blog: it's the Monthly Roundup. Join me the first of each month as I look back at trending stories of interest on the subjects of beauty, skin care, health and wellness, aromatherapy, and more.


Let's take a look at a few topics creating an industry buzz, why don't we?

  • CBS Local Miami shared the latest stress-relief trend going on right now: floating. The benefits of floating therapy, according to experts, may include alleviating chronic pain to decluttering the mind. commonly referred to as sensory deprivation therapy, floating is done in a warm (temperatures in the low to middle 90s) dark tank filled 10-11 inches high with a mixture of water and epsom salts. What do you think? Would you try it?
  • Erica Curless of the Spokesman-Review reported on a study examining the benefits of dog ownership for the elderly population. What many people already sensed is now verified by scientific research: Researchers at Oregon State University found that dog owners over age 60 have significantly lower systolic blood pressure than non-dog owners. While one would think that this is because those people are getting more exercise by walking their dogs, this is not the case. The researchers believe that the decrease in blood pressure among elderly dog owners is because of lower levels of anxiety and loneliness.
  • The Tribune-Review interviewed gynecologic oncologist Dr. Thomas Krivak of the Allegheny Health Network about the safety of talc after a Missouri jury ordered Johnson & Johnson to pay $72 million in damages to the family of a woman whose death was linked to talc-based J & J products. Dr. Krivak discussed the lack of scientific evidence between talc and ovarian cancer and said that he would like to see further research done on the subject.
  • Jazz Pollard at the Chicago Tribune discussed how consuming caffeinated beverages like tea and coffee could cause chapped lips. It's been an internet rumor linking these two drinks to chapped lips, but are they really to blame? Yes and no. As chapped lips are typically caused by dehydration, keeping the body hydrated is key. Pollard mentioned how caffeinated drinks can dehydrate the body, making chapped lips more likely. Keep on drinking your favorite hot beverages -- just be sure to drink more water to stay hydrated!


We can't wait to see what's trending over the next few weeks.

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