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What you'll be seeing from Seed in 2016

2015 was quite a year. We introduced new Lips Oils, Body Wash, and our Custom Blend Body Care options using 100% pure essential oils.

Here at (seed), we were able to spend more time getting to know our customers more through our product testing panels, emails, tweets, and on our Facebook page. Something that really sets us apart is that you are not simply an order number or "just another customer." We consider you to be our friends and truly enjoy hearing from you. 

2016 is going to be a fabulous year and we really, truly hope that it will be your best one ever. We'll be announcing new products down the line, reaching out to our volunteer product testers to give feedback on new items in development, and we'll be working hard to provide you with the information you want and need via our blog. 



Here's what we know -- you don't want a sales-y blog doing nothing more than talking about the products we sell. And that's not the type of post I enjoy writing for you. You want information you can relate to. You want topics you are interested in! We also know that our Seed friends have an interest in health & wellness. Our hope is that we will be your go-to source for topics on the connection between mind, body & spirit. We've spoken quite a bit on mindfulness and self care and we hope to provide you with ways you can feel more relaxed, positive & renewed.

We also want to continue to provide you with the latest on safe and natural ingredients. This is important to us. It's been our mission since we launched and it's why we are Campaign for Safe Cosmetics Brand Champions. Ingredients matter. Your health matters. Transparency matters. To you. To us. We'll be sharing posts on some issues of concern to us in the industry, too.

So be sure to add this blog to your bookmarks and stay tuned for some exciting new topics!

To kick off 2016, we will be having a super new giveaway of items we have talked about here on the blog --adult coloring books! We're excited about this and you can tune into our Facebook page for details.

Your friend in health & harmony,

Karley @ Seed

Do you have a topic you'd like covered on our blog? Shoot me an email! I can be reached at I'd love to get your suggestions for topics you'd like to see.

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