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Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for the teacher

If you are still looking for a special, yet affordable teacher gift for the holidays, we have some suggestions. 


Gift Ideas for Teachers

Teachers work so hard. I come from a long line of teachers. Before he became a newspaper reporter and editor, my dad was a middle school English teacher. My mom is retired after spending many years teaching high school children with special needs. My brother is a Latin teacher. My cousin is a math teacher. My sister-in-law teaches kindergarten. My dear friend Teresa teaches third grade special education. I have great appreciation for the hard work and passion they have -- and had -- for their chosen field. 


Let's face it -- classrooms are a breeding ground for germs. There are children with the sniffles this time of year, so your favorite teacher would appreciate  Seed Decongesting Blend Body Oil Mist. It is non-greasy and whisper light and the 100% natural blend of Eucalyptus, Sweet Marjoram, and Peppermint essential oils provide the benefits of aromatherapy. This synergistic blend may offer relief of congestion and that unpleasant stuffy feeling.




You will often find a coffee cup sitting on a teacher's desk. How about a beautiful handmade ceramic mug? Check out your local gift shop or ceramics studio -- or this lovely shop over on Etsy called Ning's Wonder World.


Teachers also use their hands. A lot. They also wash them frequently. Choose which fragrances he/she will appreciate the most with our Seed Healthy Hand Cream Selection. Your child's teacher can keep one at his or her desk, in a bag, and one at home.



How about a tote bag? Between lesson plan books, folders, and homework to grade, every teacher needs a bag and I like this pretty eco tote from LJ's Garden over on Etsy. 


An apple for the teacher? Of course!




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