7 Ways to Use Seed Soft Balm

September 18, 2018

7 Ways to Use Seed Soft Balm

What if we told you that we have been working so hard for a VERY long time (this is worth the wait!) to create a multitasking skin care treatment that is so decadent, packed with antioxidants, extracts, and is 100% pure plant-based LUXURY?

Rough. Parched. Dry. Cracked. Everyday, your skin takes a beating and is begging to be rescued. Introducing new Seed Soft Balm. Unlock the superpowers of seven (7!) butters and oils and get reacquainted with soft, healthy, pampered, supple skin.

7 Ways to Use Seed Soft Balm

We mentioned the 7 powerful and decadent butters and oils, so let's talk about SEVEN ways to treat your skin with pure plant based goodness. We are quite sure there are more than 7 ways (in fact, we enjoy testing out different uses), but we're sharing 7 of our favorite uses.

1. Softens cracked heels - No one wants to look down at their feet in sandals only to think, "Boy, I REALLY need a pedicure for these dry heels!" Apply this at night and cover with cotton socks. Voila! Soft feet in the morning.

2. This is the ideal balm to soften dry cuticles. 

3. Do you know how elbows and knees always seem to feel rough? Not anymore! This is such an amazing remedy for this type of skin.

4. Lips - This is a given. Yes, we have our AMAZING lip oils, but some people just prefer a balm and we get that. Another tip: for ultra chapped lips, apply the Soft Balm over your Lip Oil.

5. Beards - We have heard from many of our testing panel members that this balm is a great alternative to beard oils for healthy looking beards.

6. Tame unruly eyebrows - We understand that there are specific brow taming gels on the market, but our balm can be used to tame and condition eyebrows.

7. Split ends - While we never set out to make something that was for use that didn't relate to the skin, I personally have found that this is such a stellar product to put on dry, split ends. I have thick hair that I blow dry and flat iron regularly. I also swim and this can make my ends dry. I put a pea sized amount, warm between my fingers, and apply three nights a week to the ends of my hair. Amazing. 

So, just what is in Seed Soft Balm? Let's learn more!


  • Shea Butter is rich is skin pampering oleic and stearic acids, deeply hydrates, helps heal cracked skin and leaves skin supple and velvety soft. It also is believed to possess anti-aging benefits and skin strengthening characteristics.
  • Cocoa Butter contains healthy fats that form a protective barrier on the skin. It locks in moisture, holding hydration onto the skin. It can also give skin a firmer, smoother appearance.
  • Apricot Kernel Oil is rich in Vitamin K and Omega 6 fatty acids to deeply nourish the skin. It is non-greasy, fast absorbing, and skin clarifying.
  • Grape Seed Oil is a potent antioxidant, shielding skin from UV damage and defending against free radicals. Known as an anti-aging ingredient, grape seed may also soften fine lines and promote a more youthful glow.
  • Avocado Oil contains an abundance of vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids to deliver superior hydration to the skin. It moisturizes deeply without feeling greasy and leaves skin feeling velvety soft and pampered. It also contains antioxidant Vitamin E to help protect skin from environmental elements.
  • Abyssinian Seed Oil is rich in both Linoleic and Linolenic Acids, which are anti-inflammatory, skin conditioning, and cell regenerative. While it is highly moisturizing, it is fast absorbing and never sticky on the skin. Rough skin? Abyssinian oil’s unique molecular structure allows it to sink right in, immediately softening dry areas.
  • Olive Oil has a high antioxidant content to protect the skin from environmental contaminants and UV rays. It is naturally antibacterial and provides essential moisture to the skin.
  • Horehound extract is a bitter herb derived from a perennial bush. This member of the mint family has been used for centuries to treat various health ailments. It also boasts remarkable skin care benefits thanks to the presence of tannins and flavonoids. It is known to calm even the most sensitive types of skin, easing redness, inflammation, and irritation. Its antiseptic properties are also believed to help with wound healing. Many with eczema report that it helps to alleviate skin itching and dry patches. We steep our Horehound in Rice Bran Oil, which is also an amazing skin care ingredient.
  • Rice Bran Oil is an ultra gentle skin oil that can help fade age spots and lighten other issues related to hyperpigmentation. It also penetrates deeply to hydrate the skin without greasiness and has a reputation for its positive impact on nourishing skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Rice bran is a natural source of squalane to firm and tighten sagging skin, too.
  • Tocopherol -- or Vitamin E is perhaps the original antioxidant used in skin care. Highly protective, Vitamin E helps combat pollution, is a wonderful moisturizer, and provides anti-aging benefits.
  • You may have noticed something called Carnauba Wax on the ingredients list. This is what we have chosen to replace the beeswax found in traditional skin balms. This keeps our formula vegan-friendly, while giving our balm the balm-like consistency that your skin has been begging for.

Stay tuned for an upcoming post (next Tuesday) comparing specific balms on the market ingredient for ingredient. There is SO MUCH more to talk about when it comes to this balm and how it is so different that we are going to break it into smaller posts for your reading enjoyment.

 There you have it -- that is what is in Seed Soft Balm. You can choose our fragrance free formula, which actually has a yummy soft chocolate aroma from the cocoa butter. There is nothing added to make a scent, but the cocoa butter does have that scrumptious cocoa aroma to it. We also have a calming lavender essential oil option or peppermint essential oil option. Hint -- the peppermint is GREAT for feet! I love this as part of a pedicure to soften my feet and give a minty fresh scent.

Choose from the 2 ounce tins or our eco-friendly paperboard tube. The tube is great to put in your pocket, use as a lip balm, or as a handy cuticle treatment.

 What do you think? Are you ready for something new? Click here to browse the full selection of Seed Soft Balm.

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