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Back to School Essentials from Seed



In the blink of an eye, summer vacation will be over. In some part of the country, school is starting now. In fact, my nephews north of Chicago started school yesterday! In other parts of the country, children will be heading back to school and teachers are now in preparation mode getting their classrooms ready. We're sharing skincare tips and must-have in every teacher's Back to School Survival Kit.



  • Teachers wash their hands often. It's a must-do, of course. The Centers for Disease Control recommends handwashing with basic soap and water to reduce germs on hands. Unfortunately, the soap dispensers at school aren't known for dispensing gentle and healthy hand washes. They often feature harsh formulas that dry out the hands. This leaves hands feeling parched! A gentle plant-based hand scrub and hand cream are just what's needed to keep hands looking and feeling healthy and soft. In fact, the Mayo Clinic recommends using hand creams with high quality oils, as they have more staying power than the rest.
  • Try: Our Healthy Hand Creams are free of silicone and contain an abundance of nourishing plant-based oils to soften and soothe hands.  


  • Classrooms can be a petri dish of germs. Colds will crop up and there is nothing worse than not getting a good night's sleep before a long day with the kids. Over the counter medications to treat cold symptoms often are ineffective and make you feel drowsy. 
  •  Decongesting Blend Body Oil has the aromatherapy benefits of essential oils including eucalyptus and peppermint to tackle the unpleasant cold symptoms such as stuffy head, loose phlegm and congestion. Peppermint oil is also something many find helpful for alleviating tension headaches. We're not a substitute for medical advice, though, so please see your doctor if you are sick.



  • Every teacher needs a pampering lip nourisher in his or her survival kit! Instead of the traditional waxy lip balms, though, our Lip Oil is perfect! They fit in the desk drawer, purses -- anywhere! And you do not have to worry about them melting. 




  • Just because a teacher's school day is done doesn't mean that the day is done. There are papers to correct, lesson plans to create, teachers to correspond with, staff meetings, extracurricular activities and so much more! That is in addition to family. Teachers really work hard and need to decompress. Products will lavender essential oil are ideal to create a sense of calm and relaxation.
  • Did you know that all (seed) products with lavender contain REAL lavender? We don't mean a lab-created lavender fragrance oil, but real lavender essential oil. Try our Relaxing Blend Body Oil, Hand Cream, Body Cream and Body Lotion to get your lavender fix!



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