Lately I've been paying more attention

Do you show your gratitude?

" The root of joy is gratefulness." -- David Steindl Rast

 Are you a glass half full type of person?

I try to be. Sometimes it can be REALLY hard. I tend to be a really happy go lucky gal, but every now and then things happen that really have you questioning your mindset. I have been thinking about this a great deal recently. We are moving this summer. We found a great house with lots and lots of yard space and a beautiful wooded lot. It is perfect for us. We sold our home and are supposed to move in a few weeks. And then it happened. Our buyer decided to just back out. She up and changed her mind and we have found ourselves having to put our house back on the market. Everything is uncertain. I do not like the unknowns.

I threw myself a pity party when this happened on Saturday. Then I had a reality check. I remembered that my friend's little girl will be having brain surgery for a tumor. As I sat with a puss on my face feeling negative and grumpy, I was hit with the reality that we are healthy. My boys are happy & healthy. I am listening to them laugh as I type this. We have amazing neighbors, a roof over our heads & jobs. We are so lucky. I am grateful.

I am so grateful. Grateful for my friends, my family, the opportunities I have had in life. Do you know what, though? Sometimes I get so busy that I don't express my gratitude enough.

That is going to change.

The greatest gift you can give a person is your gratitude. Making someone feel loved and appreciated is not something that can be ordered online and shipped through Amazon Prime. Don’t wait for “later” or a “more convenient time” to show your gratitude for the people you love.

Whether it's your mother, your child's teacher or a neighbor, wouldn't it be really amazing if you took a moment to show someone your gratitude each day? I have some ideas for ways you can show those you care about how much you appreciate them.

Create a Jar of Memories

This example will be something I would do for my mom. Get a glass jar and some pretty paper. Cut the paper into strips and write a favorite childhood memory on each one. Fold the papers and fill the jar with memories. Similarly, you can write qualities you admire about your mom or something you would like to thank her for on each slip. Once you have filled the jar, adorn it with a beautiful bow and gift tag.

What else can you do to show someone how grateful you are?

1. Take them a bouquet of flowers and plate of cookies.

2. Help them out. Surprise them by being of service! When they are not home, mow their lawn or tend to their garden. This is especially helpful to older friends and family members.

3. Give them the gift of pampering. People do not take enough time to treat themselves to pampering and R & R. Our Loving Lavender Gift Set will provide soothing pampering to someone you love.

Keep a Gratitude Journal

We tend to take for granted all of the wonderful gifts and experiences we have each day in our lives. Not long ago, I started a gratitude journal. I write down things I am grateful for each day. Whether it's the beautiful sunset at night, my big loving 11 year old pooch, or the pink blooming peonies in the garden, I try to keep track of life's little -- and big -- gifts.

How will you show your gratitude today?



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