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Do You Need Gluten Free Skin Care? Here's where Seed Body Care Stands

May 20, 2015

Do you need gluten free skin care?  You might. And you might not.

Here's what we know: at the Center for Celiac Research, 40% of gluten-sensitive patients reported eczema and/or skin rashes.  So, this isn't about internal issues from external use of gluten, this is about skin issues.

When we launched Seed, we knew that the main reason people move to Natural products is for health reasons -- and allergies are a key reason.  People start reading labels when they find they have allergies, and many times, they don't like what they read on conventional product labels.  On top of that, many skin care products contain some of the most common allergens -- dairy, wheat, gluten, soy, nuts (with no requirement to call it out, as food is required).  And, there is research that shows that a food allergen applied to your skin can cause an allergic reaction.  

So we formulated Seed sensitive to the fact that people are having more allergies and sensitivities, and we wanted to offer people a cleaner option for skin care and body care.

We have heard from lots of our friends who came to Seed for our nourishing, clean formulas:

"I have celiac disease; at first I didn't use gluten free skincare because I thought it just had to do with ingesting gluten.  But, my skin was always really itchy no matter how much lotion I put on.  I read a blog about someone getting itchy from their skin products and it sounded like me.  When I started using gluten free soaps and lotions my skin stopped itching!" -- Jenn

"After being diagnosed celiac, despite the intense gluten divorce, I was still having major symptoms.  I was chronically breaking out in hives all over my face.  It then spread to my hands...the diet relieved some of it, but the hives were persistent.  I quickly learned that gluten is in many more products than simply the food we eat.  It is surprisingly found in many everyday products such as vitamins, medicines, lotions, makeup, and hairspray.  I bought gluten free face wash, body wash, lotion, EVERYTHING....My faced stopped breaking out completely" -- Amy

So, if your doctor recommended, or you are seeking gluten free-- here is our promise:

Seed Body Care tests all products, every batch, so you don't have to worry.  Recent guidelines by the FDA require that a product has less than 20 Parts Per Million (PPM) of gluten protein to label themselves "Gluten Free."  Seed Standards are even higher.

All Seed Body Care batches are tested to ensure less than 10PPM of gluten, and we randomly test batches to confirm less than 5PPM.

My husband worked for two LONG years until he understood his eczema was due to soy.  Some doctors just wanted to treat the symptoms -- lots of steroids, light treatments, and various creams.  One doctor told us it was something he was consuming, but didn't want to do all the tests due to the risks of abundant false positives (thank you!) but that meant it was a test of trial and error. 

So maybe you are seeking solutions to skin issues.  If so, we hope you consider Seed.

Seed includes every single ingredient on our label.  No need to guess or wonder.

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