Lately I've been paying more attention

Beware of the ingredient imposters!

I just posted this little blurb to the (seed) Twitter account the other day:

“Lavender WHAT? You mean some companies don't use REAL lavender in their lavender products? YIKES! Get the REAL DEAL with Seed Body Care!”

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Back to my Twitter post about Lavender. Did you know that most products on the market called “lavender” actually contain NO real lavender?

I decided to take some time browsing store shelves to look at the ingredients labels on lavender products. I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I was.

The first lavender item I came across was at a popular makeup boutique at the mall -- lavender blotting papers for the skin. These are designed to control shine throughout the day. They are nothing more than lavender-colored paper pieces that have a strong artificial scent (which is actually rose) to them.

Moving on in my lavender experiment, I moved on to a popular bath and body shop in the mall, there I stumbled upon a lavender hand cream. This, too, contained Fragrance instead of real lavender. It also contained petrochemicals, formaldehyde-releasers, and parabens. No lavender, though.

Third stop: the grocery store.

The first item I found was at the grocery store and was a lavender face toner. While it contained some lovely ingredients such as aloe vera and vitamin E, the third ingredient listed was Fragrance. The lavender scent given to the “lavender” product was artificial--created in a lab somewhere. Artificial fragrance oils offer no benefits. They do not have any skin caring properties, nor do they provide any benefits of aromatherapy.

Walk down the household cleaning aisle and you will even notice lavender toilet bowl cleaner, laundry detergent and plug-in air fresheners. Again, these are full of artificial fragrances and do not actually contain lavender. There are even lavender detergents for the dishwasher.

Just why does all this matter? There are many reasons. First of all, if you are buying a chocolate cake, don’t you want it to contain chocolate? Or would you be satisfied with cake that has been colored brown and smells like chocolate, but isn’t chocolate? When you are buying a lavender product, chances are you are expecting to buy a lavender product. It only makes sense -- or, in this case, scents.

Secondly, we know that  artificial fragrance is not a healthy option. Just read the studies or take a look at the Skin Deep Database and you will see why you should try to avoid synthetic fragrances.

You will only get the real deal at Seed. Our lavender products all contain REAL lavender. Our lavender is found in nature--not in a bottle made at the lab.

Make sure when you are selecting your personal care products that you aren’t been duped into purchasing an imposter. You deserve better. You Deserve the Best.



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