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Three Steps to Younger Looking Hands

I am going to show you a dramatic before and after photo today. In less than five minutes, I was able to take my dry, ashy looking hands and take YEARS off of theeir appearance. They are healthy and silky.

I have been busy getting ready for the holidays. Between tree decorating, cleaning the house, wrapping, and errand running, I have been neglecting my hand care! I should know better. The heat being on makes the air dry, plus the frigid winter air does nothing to hydrate my skin. My poor hands had become so dry and chapped. Just look at the picture below. It looks like I have the hands of someone much older. My hands were so dry and sore.

I took just ten minutes to give myself a bit of pampering with (seed) -- I used the Therapeutic Hand Scrub, Fragance Free Body Oil, and  my beloved Healthy Hand CreamBefore And After with Seed Hand Scrub

I love the scrub because the shea butter, grape seed, and glycerin really treat and nourish my hands, while the apricot seed powder gently (but effectively) sloughs off dead skin cells. My hands looked 10 times better with just the scrub.

When I rinsed off the scrub, I applied the body oil the same way I would a nail and cuticle oil. I gently massage in the oil right into my fingernails and skin around them. No raggedy cuticles for this girl!

Lastly, I applied my go to cream -- it's the hand cream I often use on my face and neck as well.  Used as its intended purpose, though, you can see that my hands are supple and moisturized.

My hand care routine takes under 5 minutes.

Seed the difference! Just five minutes is all you need to achieve younger looking hands.

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