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Get Silky Soft Legs in 3 Easy Steps With Seed

Are your legs ready for skirts, shorts & sundresses? This weekend is the unofficial start of summer and the weather forecast agrees.

Did you ignore your legs all winter? Maybe you didn't exfoliate regularly. Perhaps you didn't moisturize enough. If your legs look dry, dull, and flaky, we can help with just 3 simple steps!

Seed for beach ready silky legs

1. Prep your legs for shaving with gentle exfoliation. You can easily make a scrub at home. Everyone need to exfoliate - or slough off dead skin cells. Simply make an oil and sugar or salt mixture and Voila! You can mix sea salt or turbinado sugar with an oil such as grape seed or sunflower. Even olive oil from your kitchen will work! You can make it as oily or as dry & coarse as you'd like. Apply to damp skin in circular motions and rinse off. Now your skin is ready for the next step!

Seed shaving bar for silky summer legs

2. Choose a natural shaving product to shave your legs. Our fragrance free Seed Shaving Bar is perfect for getting those legs silky smooth. Why? A close and comfortable shave every time, plus the moisturizing benefits old-school creams and gels just can't deliver. And when people tell us their blades last longer? You decide! The grape seed oil, shea butter, aloe vera and evening primrose oil will pamper even sensitive skin types.The ingredients in traditional canned shaving cream serve no benefit to the skin and can cause irritation. Seed is different -- try it out and see for yourself!


Seed Body Lotion for silky summer legs

3. After rinsing your legs thoroughly post-shaving, it's time to moisturize! It's hot; it's humid. Let's use some lightweight -- but still highly nourishing -- Seed Body Lotion. Our lotions are rich in antioxidants to protect and soothe the skin. The natural, plant-based oils will leave your legs looking and feeling healthy and silky. You can choose from our Fragrance Free or Lavender lotions or you can even create your own custom blend. Can I make a confession? My favorite blend for summer is Grapefruit and Peppermint. It is tart, yet sweet and has a cooling and refreshing peppermint twist. I cannot get enough!

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