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The Benefits of Abyssinian Oil

If you are a regular over on the Seed Facebook page, you've likely seen our Ingredients Spotlight posts. We recently featured an ingredient you may be unfamiliar with called Abyssinian Oil. There's a good reason -- this is relatively new to the market when it comes to skin care. It's a really special ingredient, though, and we'd like to share more about why it is in our new Seed Satin Lip Gloss.

Seed Satin Lip Gloss features Abyssinian Oil

What is Abyssinian Seed Oil?

  • Abyssinian Seed Oil, or Crambe Abyssinica Seed Oil is a natural seed oil that comes from a mustard plant. It is native to the Mediterranean region.
  • There is something truly unique about this oil: it has a molecular structure that is not found in any other naturally occurring substance.
  • It is very resistant to oxidation, unlike many plant oils, as it contains a high percentage of C22 fatty acids.
  • This oil is easily absorbed and does not leave a sticky or greasy feeling behind.
  • Abyssinian Oil contains an abundance of both Linoleic and Linolenic Acids. Linoleic Acid, an Omega 6 fatty acid, is helpful when it comes to skin and hair regeneration, while Linolenic Acid, an Omega 3, is anti-inflammatory, cell-communicating, and skin conditioning.

Seed Satin Lip Gloss features Abyssinian Seed Oil

Why is Abyssinian Seed Oil beneficial in a lip gloss?

I am so glad you asked. You see, something else that is really special about this ingredient is what I consider its "secret weapon", if you will. Abyssinian Seed Oil is the ideal oil for blending micas, oxides and other color pigments.

  • These powder colorants disperse beautifully into the oil, allowing it to create a uniform color.
  • Lip gloss using Abyssinian Seed Oil will glide on evenly without being too slick. 
  • This ingredient also makes it so the lip gloss won't feel tacky, sticky or --worse-- slimy.

Find Abyssinian Seed Oil in our new Seed Satin Lip Gloss products! For some tips on finding the right color, visit here!

Have you heard of Abyssinian Seed Oil before? Have you used other skin care products made with it? What has been your experience? We'd love to know! 


Oct 17, 2016

I just ordered my first jar of Abyssinian Oil. Wasn’t too sure about it so when I went to read-up on the benefits… I found your awesome read + gloss! Great share and brand! xo

Angie -

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