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At Seed Body Care, Your Trust is our Top Priority

March 11, 2016 1 Comment

Perhaps you read in the news recently that a Natural Company was found to have an ingredient in one of its products which it clearly stipulated it did not have on its label. This is after having another issue with one of its products promising sunscreen protection, with multiple people showing photos of how the product did not work. Both times, the company dismissed the issues. Another company was found recently to have the same issues -- promising ingredients that weren't there, promising a lack of ingredients that were. How does that happen? 

You might think that a company doesn't mind when a competitor goofs.  We do mind. When they goof big, multiple times, or there are multiple companies "goofing," we need to address it. We take no pleasure in delighting in others' problems.  But if those problems lead to you questioning us, yes, we have to speak, assertively.

This is Rebecca, co-founder of Seed Body Care.  As you may know, my husband and I launched Seed in 2009, after experiencing issues with infertility.  We started educating ourselves, learning, and as part of that, we "went natural" and then went on to launch Seed Body Care.

When people start down the path of making healthier choices, they need to TRUST that those companies they look to for better alternatives are truly offering better products, and deliver what they promise.  

So, because you may have read over the last year or so about several companies that have not lived up to the trust placed in them, I want to share why Seed is different.  

First, we did not take the easy route to market, and buy products "off the shelf."  In our industry, "off the shelf" means products and formulations that already exist, and are simply marketed, or re-marketed under a new brand name.  We start from scratch. Every time. We work with a chemist on formulations, and a local contract manufacturer who helps refine and bring our products to life.  This means vetting every ingredient, sources of those ingredients, and following protocols.  Our protocols. No finger pointing. If the source isn't good - our fault. If the contract manufacturer doesn't make it right, our fault.  If a claim is an error, our fault. We will not be a company that says, "Not my fault." 

Second, we have random tests via third party labs to make sure our claims are right. And to reassure you of our claims, we have resourced a private, third party lab (the same one quoted in the Wall Street Journal article about one of the company above's issues) to provide testing to ensure that what you see on the label matches what is in the product. We've done this before, and we will make those claims as current as right now so you feel reassured. Our first test will confirm that we are sulfate-free, including SLS and SLES, as this was the very ingredient that caused one of the above-mentioned companies an issue. 

Lastly, we do not have the luxury of investors with hundreds of millions of dollars.  When you call us on the phone, you will get a person, very possibly me.  We want to hear what you, our very valuable customers, have to share about Seed - what you love, and what we can do better.  We are a small company working hard every day to earn and keep your trust. That is what is most important to us - delighting you every day. With excellent products, from a company you can trust.  

**We will share our Third Party certificates of analysis as soon as they become available.  Watch for the images of the actual documents as soon as they arrive.

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Phyllis Souchock
Phyllis Souchock

March 28, 2016

I appreciate your newsletter. I absolutely LOVE your products most recently your shampoo bar. And you do have my trust as a consumer.

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