Seed Beneficial Blend Box Bundle
Seed Beneficial Blend Box Bundle
Seed Beneficial Blend Box Bundle
Seed Beneficial Blend Box Bundle in Warm Sunshine

Seed Beneficial Blend Box Subscription

The best day of the month? The day your Seed Beneficial Blend Box arrives! Filled with goodies crafted from 100% pure essential oils, every Seed product is designed to enrich both mind and body.

Introductory Pricing ends 5/10!

Each month features a new Blend, made just for you with the freshest essential oils. You’ll get to experience each month's Blend in multiple ways - maybe Body Lotion, Body Wash, Body Lotion, and Lip Oil, maybe all those, maybe something else! Plus, we tuck in unexpected treats every month, from extra samples to savings. The goal? To surprise and delight you with feel-good, looking-great wellness you can’t wait to try. Each month is different, so sign up for three or six months and enjoy a season of surprises!

Why Seed Beneficial Blend Box?

  • The monetary value is pretty cool, of course. But even better is the happy anticipation of seeing that box each month and, of course, how using Seed makes you feel.
  • Want to try Seed's Beneficial Blend Box for one month? Great! Prefer to get Seed’s plant-based goodness in the mail every month? We can do that, too!*
  • Gift-ability. Spread the joy you experience when digging into your Seed Beneficial Blend Box! This unique gift of wellness will be her absolute favorite.

What's included?

  • Always at least one full retail size Seed product
  • Always 2-3 products featuring that month's featured Seed Beneficial Blend
  • Surprises! Themed gift, samples, exclusive discounts
  • Information on featured essential oils
  • Beautiful wrapping

* Three and Six Months subscriptions include free shipping!

Sorry, discount codes not applicable on Beneficial Blend Boxes.