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Seed Beneficial Bath Add-Ins

Complimentary with the purchase of any Seed Bath Blossom, we are pleased to also offer our Bath Add-Ins for purchase for $.96 each. 

Who says you have to take a trip to an exclusive spa to have a decadent pampering experience? We believe that a relaxing, soul-soothing experience should be accessible to all, and that is where our add-ins come in. 

Simply slip into your bathroom and enjoy a true sensory delight. No appointment needed!

Our bath add-ins are meant to deliver unique skin and aromatherapeutic benefits depending on which ones you choose.

Spa Worthy Add-Ins

  • Lavender Flowers and Buds provide a sense of calm while stimulating circulation and easing inflammation. Feeling zen is just a soak away!
  • Chamomile Flowers help to ease skin inflammation and itchiness while providing a warm and fruity aroma.
  • Lemon Verbena is a great skin softener and skin tonic. It is calming and offers an uplifting citrus aroma.
  • Dead Sea Salt contains more than 20 different skin pampering minerals. When added to the bath, it can stimulate skin circulation and because the minerals are easily absorbed, they can offer “detox” benefits to the skin.
  • Pink Himalayan Salt is ideal for easing skin soreness. If muscle aches or cramps due to PMS are bothering you, you may find that this add-in is just what your body craves!
  • Epsom Salt is a tried and true skin softener because of the magnesium and sulfate. It may soothe tired muscles, especially if you’ve been on your feet all day and is believed to be deodorizing too.

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