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Viva La Cuba! Seed takes a trip with Jessica

I’m so happy to be sharing my latest adventure with you all! I was able to travel to Cuba over Memorial Day weekend and I had an amazing experience being immersed in a new and rich culture. Being in such a colorful city, I made sure to have some of my favorite lippies from Seed on hand. It was so humid there, I was glad I had these tinted lip glosses to wear because heavy makeup was not going to work!

Seed Satin Lip Glosses take a trip to Cuba!

Cuba has been a hot topic in the news as well as in the travel industry due to the travel restrictions that have been placed on U.S. citizens. As of today, you still need to travel there under one of the 12 approved categories and be mindful of the minor policy changes the Trump administration is implementing, however, it is totally worth it for the cultural exchange. My travel group had the opportunity to explore 3 cities in Cuba: Havana, Viñales, and Trinidad de Cuba.

Seed Satin Lip Glosses take a trip to Cuba and an antique car showIn Havana, we arranged a historical, classic car tour of the city with 2 local taxi drivers. We were shown a few monuments, but most notably the murals of Che Guevara & Fidel Castro in the Revolutionary Square. Seed takes a trip to Cuba and sees the sights!We

ventured around Old Havana on foot & had to take a stroll along the iconic Malécon. No visit to Havana is complete without a trip to El Museo de la Revolucción Seed takes a trip to Cuba with Jessicawhere you can learn about the revolution efforts of the Cuban people during the ‘50s.

We ventured to Viñales for the day with a local tour guide to learn about Cuba’s biggest export: Cigars. We visited the farm of Ishmael, a farmer that not only harvested tobacco but also corn, coffee beans and other produce. He explained to the group how the government works regarding farmland and harvesting using our guide as a translator. For those unaware, it is mandated that tobacco farmers sell nearly 90% of their tobacco harvest to the government allowing the farmers to keep the remaining for themselves. Seed takes a trip to CubaOf course, I had to sample a true Cuban cigar.

Trinidad de Cuba was my absolute favorite city to experience. The city itself was gorgeous and the people were warm and welcoming, though this is true for Cuba in general. We were able to take a salsa lesson and watch live salsa performances at Casa de Música in town. I explored the city center and came across the most beautiful artwork. I had the best meal here too, a yummy and inexpensive, fresh lobster meal for only $15!Seed takes a trip to Cuba

Cuba is a country full of culture waiting to be explored!

Jessica is pictured wearing Seed Attention Please and Purple Purple Please Lip Glosses


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