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Stability Testing and your Lotions & Creams - Why it Matters

Stability Testing and your Lotions & Creams - Why it Matters

It's 80 out, and you may be thinking that even though your dry, sun-drenched legs are screaming out for hydration (like you can only get from Seed, of course!), you just don't want your online order to take a trip in a hot box.  Well...

May I reassure you?

This is Rebecca, and when I started Seed 7 years ago (What?!?!) we were a small company (and still are) that decided we would offer the best of the best in healthier body care. And, we will never ask you to trade off on important expectations -- including knowing that your lotions & creams will hold up to temperature variations.

One of our standard tests we do at launch is called "Stability Testing." We subject our lotions and creams (any sort of emulsion) to a test where we bake (yep, sort of bake it!) our products at over 100F for 13 weeks. Straight. And then we take it out of the oven, and test it -- is the emulsion together? (No separating!) Does it still smell good? Does it perform well?

And we only launch it if it meets that strict standard.  

This is not a regulation required by the government. As a matter of fact, it came to our attention early on that many companies do not put their products through this sort of stringent testing.  

So, if you are wondering if you can let your legs love Seed Body Lotion this summer, order away! Once it arrives, let it come to room temperature, and if it was a bit warm on the way, be assured it will thicken up and offer you the highest quality skin care you can buy!  

Seed Body Care can take the Heat

Seed Body Lotions: Try one of our Beneficial Blends (super popular!) or enjoy Fragrance Free or Lavender Sage.  Or, try our Body Cream or Body Oil if you prefer!

Here's to a happy, hydrated summer!

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